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Cloud Messaging REST API

Cloud Messaging API allows businesses to integrate SMS services with business websites, third-party applications or services, mobile apps, CRM etc. Cloud Messaging API is a cost effective and programmable API that enables businesses to leverage the power of a simple SMS as a communication channel with their customers.

Getting started with Cloud Messaging API is as easy as this:

With our REST API, you can easily add SMS functionality to your website, application, or customer relationship management platform. API’s detailed step by step documentation with sample code make it easy to modify and plug-in to existing applications.

API Access
  • Create a Cloud Messaging account:
  • Sign up for a Cloud Messaging account here.

  • Get your API key:
  • Login and go to settings....

  • Integrate your website:
  • Refer our guide to easily integrate your application. Simply cut and paste our readily available sample codes to integrate quickly, whether it's providing OTPs or generating transactional notifications from your application. You can also try it for free(Trial).

Types of SMS we support:

    Transactional Messaging:

    API Access

    Provide customers with timely and reliable updates, reminders, and alerts. The following are some of the aspects of transactional messaging:

  • Secure, reliable, and scalable platform that handles billions of transactions every month
  • Long messages are supported.
  • Supports Unicode for special characters and regional languages

    Two way Messaging:

    Get immediate feedback and allow users and businesses to communicate and engage with one another via text messaging. Two-way communications includes the following features:

  • With an easy-to-use interface, it supports both incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Measures effectiveness with messaging insights and link tracking
  • Creates triggered conversations with an unlimited number of keywords and a personalized response message for each one.
  • OTP Verification:Timely OTP verification SMS that improves your company's security.
  • Appointment Reminders: Automatically send appointment reminders via text message to your clients.
  • Order Status:Using SMS to send alerts such as delivery times, shipping status, appointment reminders, and more, let your customers know when important actions are happening.

How different industries can use Cloud Messaging API


    API Access
  • Limited-Time Offers for Special Customers:Send time-sensitive discounts to increase traffic, reduce wait times, and fill seats directly from your website.
  • Reservation Reminders: Remind your booked customers that they're dining with you.
  • Attract newly signed up customers with exclusive deals:Offer exclusive deals to attract new signed up customers. Restaurant SMS marketing works incredibly well with exclusive restaurant specials, 1+1 meals, student deals, monthly contests, vouchers, and coupons. Make use of them to attract new customers.
  • Automated Birthday Text Rewards:Birthday rewards easily increase brand loyalty and daily food traffic. Send automated birthday messages through Cloud Messaging API.For more click here

    Travel Agencies:

    API Access
  • Special Offers:Use text messaging to share exclusive offers with previous/special customers. You can share fantastic trip deals that are only accessible for a limited time. You can even provide your customers with a special discount code that is only valid for certain trips and bookings.
  • Automated Tips:Consider offering your customer-helpful tips and advice about the destination as their next journey approaches. You may inform customers about upcoming weather or currency exchange rates. They will be very thankful.
  • Confirm Bookings and keep customers informed with their trip: Travel agencies utilize SMS communication to keep customers informed and give their consumers peace of mind. It's quite beneficial to send a booking confirmation and keep the customer updated on their booking by SMS. The majority of booking confirmation messages are automated. Send your through Cloud Messaging API!
  • While traveling:Once your customer has left for his trip, your role as a travel agent is to make sure he has a great time. You can reach out to him in advance with information that may be useful to him. For eg. Nearest car rentals, stay addresses, itinerary, etc.


    API Access
  • Send SMS Promotions:Sending subscribers discounts, early access to sales, and coupon codes is the most common e-commerce SMS services use case. This can be done in the first welcome paragraph or at any time after someone has signed up.
  • Order Updates:The single most important element in an online purchase, according to 40% of consumers, is delivery. That's why keeping consumers up to date on their orders or announcing a shipping delay is one of the most common uses of SMS Service!
  • Send timely updates:A missing transaction or a bad customer experience can be the result of a delayed notification. Ensure 2-factor authentication OTPs and transaction updates instantly reach your customers. Experience unmatched delivery rates and speeds with Cloud Messaging API!

    Retail Business:

    API Access
  • Increase repeat business:Once you have collected someone’s phone number, you can send someone information about new product launches or further discounts.
  • Send transactional messages:You can use SMS to provide order updates, coordinate curbside pickup, restock alerts, etc.
  • Especially for you:Shoppers' significant occasions are noted, and personalized offers are sent to them for birthdays and anniversaries. By integrating your CRM with Cloud Messaging SMS APIs, you can notify customers when their favorite brand has new stock, send monthly reward point notifications, and more.


    API Access
  • Express gratitude to contributors directly through Cloud Messaging API:It is important to convey gratitude to your NGO's contributors and supporters. Sending a personalized thank you message to donors is a wonderful way to show them how much you value their support.
  • Easy Ticketing and Tracking Attendance:You can give event tickets that can be redeemed and we can also provide unique, customized coupons to customers via SMS and track their information.
  • Manage Appointments:Remind prospective buyers of upcoming homes and viewing appointments.
  • Send follow-up text messages:You may keep your prospects engaged by sending them follow-up texts and information about the properties they're interested in using peer-to-peer texting.
  • Promote new listings:Texting is a wonderful method to schedule virtual tours and provide important information when new houses hit the market, keeping buyers and sellers informed and engaged on a platform they enjoy.

    Religious Organizations:

    API Access
  • Send daily religious quotes straight to your members’ mobile phones:Community members will be inspired all week long by text quotes from Religious Organizations. Send out weekly devotionals or motivational SMS to keep folks on the right track.
  • Increase attendance at your events:A newsletter isn't always sufficient. Send out automated text message reminders for future sermons, bible studies, mission trips, and other activities.
  • Send Event Updates:Using text reminders to increase attendance is a wonderful idea. You can send customized reminders to your congregation to attend worship on Sundays or other days of the week. These could also contain reminders about upcoming activities or meetings, as well as notifications if a regular event's time or location has changed.

    Recruitment & Staffing:

    API Access
  • Send Targeted Job Opening: Send a bulk text to candidates with a job application after segmenting your list based on criteria like zip code or education level.
  • Send Day-of Reminders:Nobody wants to be late for an interview. Neither the candidate nor the interviewer. Send a reminder with helpful information like parking instructions, directions, and more.
  • Keep applicants updated:Just because a candidate wasn't a good fit for a certain role doesn't mean they wouldn't work well with your team. Send them alerts about the new job positions available.

    Marketing Agencies:

    API Access
  • Run Contests & Giveaways for Clients through automated messaging: One of the growth hacking tactics that always works to gain additional SMS subscribers is to run a short-term contest. You can choose some winners from among those who have participated.
  • Send Clients Appointment & Billing Reminders: If hours change, if appointments are postponed, canceled, or moved, send out an SMS to all of your clients.
  • Promote Products and Services better: With mobile coupons, messaging can enhance in-store traffic and revenue. Coupons from Cloud Messaging can be tracked, allowing you to send automated reminders the day before they expire. With our Smart Targeting feature, you can also send out new product announcements to all of your customers or just those who have expressed interest in the product.

Why choose Cloud Messaging API?

Cloud Messaging API gives businesses the ability to send SMS to customers.That message can be to individual customers(eg. Order Status, security token etc),Targeted customers(eg. New home listing in particular ZIP code ,Restaurant Promotion for Vegan customers ) or mass SMS. Using Cloud Messaging API; Business can send messages to tens of thousands of people, including clients, customers, workers, and business partners.

Cloud Messaging API is the top Bulk SMS API Service Provider in US and Canada because of its high degree of convenience, minimal delays, lack of bottlenecks, ease of API integration, customization options, and low cost. Every feature required to speed up messaging and associated procedures is included in our extremely easy API or admin panel.

  • Reliability:Our direct partnerships with local and global aggregators and networks enable us to provide a reliable service.
  • Easy integration: Implementing your SMS integration is simple because of our usage of industry-standard API practices and developer documentation (including code samples).
  • Text messaging that delivers:Boost your bulk SMS message open rate to 98 percent. There are options for both one-way and two-way text texting.
  • Real time insights: Want to know more about your campaigns and users? Don't worry, we're here to help. Our reporting dashboard allows you to track and report on your messages and call to action links in great detail.

You can always sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial to explore Cloud Messaging for your business. contact us to schedule product demo.